No Burn Days

Your solution to Spare the Air alerts.

Fireplace Inserts

A simple solution for a more efficient heating system.

Pellet Stoves

Cast Iron Craftsmanship. Large Hopper Capacity.

Wood Inserts

Elegant design. Large Viewing Area. Long Burn Time.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Transform your outdoor space into a relaxing retreat.

Gas Fireplaces

Classic, refined appearance without all the added upkeep.

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No Burn Days No Burn Days
Fireplace Inserts Fireplace Inserts
Pellet Stoves Pellet Stoves
Wood Inserts Wood Inserts
Outdoor Fireplaces Outdoor Fireplaces
Gas Fireplaces Gas Fireplaces

gas inserts


pellet inserts


wood inserts



Go Green

No More - No Burncheck it out

tired of no burns days?

Help reduce pollution and prevent Spare the Air Alerts!

You can Spare the Air every day by ...

  • using clean burning fireplace inserts.
  • taking the bus, ferry or train.
  • carpooling.

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Jerry's Fireplace installed a gas insert in our fireplace, we are very pleased with the work that he provided. They were very neat and professional.

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J. Novella